Durable Excavator Bucket Teeth Tooth Rock Chisel And Bucket Adapter Ec55Blc Ec60Blc Ec360Blc Ec60Blc

1.0 Pieces
Durable Excavator Bucket Teeth Tooth Rock Chisel And Bucket Adapter Ec55Blc Ec60Blc Ec360Blc Ec60Blc
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Technische Daten
Size: OEM
Model Number: 17
Product name: Bucket Tooth & Adapter
Type: Excavator Spare Parts
Usage: Sealing Usage
Color: Customizable Colors
Advantage: High Quality
Application: Excavator
Package: Customer Resquest
OEM: Accpetable
Feature: Durable
Model Number: 17
Zahlung und Versand AGB
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Product number
Excavator Bucket Tooth & Adapter
Applicable Industries
Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Other
Place of Origin
For Excavator
Customized support
All kinds of bucket teeth for any excavator are available!
Product Detail
Product Catalog
Applicable Model
XCG330 XCG220LC XCG322C/XCG2000LC XCG55-8 XCG230LC-8/XCG210LC-8 XCG80/ XCG88 XCG322C
XCG220LC/XCG200OLC XCG88/ XCG80 XCG210LC-8/XCG230LC-8 XCG230KYB XCG450-8HL XCG240-8
XCG2000C XCG220LC/XCG322C XCG330
XE60 XE80 XE130 XE150/XE135 XE135 XE130/XE150/XE135 XE150 XE130/XE150/XE135 XE210 XE215
XE215/XE210 XE220LC XWG220LC/HD1023 XE230(HL) XE250 XE230(HL) XE230/XE250 XE230B XE240
XE250(HL) XE230/XE250 XE322 XE330(HL)
JCB75 JCB130 JCB6080YG JCB220LC JCB240
IHI200YG IHI35NXYG IHI50 NS50/NS55 IHI55 NS50/NS55 IH160
TB150CNEW TB150C TB160 TB175 TB1135 TB175C
JY200 OLD JY200 200 / 210E-3 JY210-3 200 / 210E-3 JY630
CE55/55B/SK55-3 CE75B KYB CE130B CE210A/SH200-A3 CE210B/SH210-5 CE240A/SH240-3
CE240B/SH240-5 CE360A CE360B/SH330-3 CX460A
XG60 XG80 XG150 XG815/XG150 XG815 XG815/XG150 XG820 XG820/XG822 XG820-3KYB
XG820-3/XG822 XG822 HL XG820/XG822 XG822 KYB XG820-3/XG822 XG825
ZY60-8 ZY80-8 ZY150-8 ZY160-8 ZY160-8 ZY150-8 ZY210HL ZY260-8 ZY330
FR60-7 FR65-7 FR75 FR80H-8 FR85-7 FR130/FR150-7/FR160/FR170 FR210(21T)/FR220
FR230 /FR240/ FR260-7(23T) FR260-7
JCM906D JCM907 908 JCM907B 908 JCM908 907 JCM913 JCM913B JCM913C JCM921 JCM921 JCM921
JCM923 JCM923D JCM924C(HL)
SE-210 SE292 MX-8 MX-10 SE200/SE3000 SE-210 SE280-2 SE350-2 SE210
ZE60E -1 ZE8OE ZE84E ZE85E ZE80E ZE150 ZE205 ZE230 OLD ZE330(HL) ZE260 ZE310
LG6215 6215-7/6227-7/6235-7/LG225 LG215 LG215 LG6225 LG6235 LG60-7 LG60-7 /LC6060 LG6060
LG60-7/LC6060 LG6065 LG6085 LG6150
SWE80 SWE230 SWE220 SWE45-3 SWE45-3/SWE50/SWE55 SWE50 SWE45-3/SWE50/SWE55
SWE55 SWE45-3/SWE50/SWE55 SWE60 SWE65 SWE70/SWE65 SWE70 SWE65/SWE70 SWE220
YC20 YC50-8 YC65 YC85-7 YC135-8 YC35 YC55 YC65 YC85-8 YC60-8 YC60-6 YC35 OLD YC60
YC85-3 YC130-8 YC225 -8 HL YC45-6 YC60-6 YC85-6 YC135-7 YC230-8 HL
U35N U50/U50N/U55N U60N/U151/U161/U155 U185
GW161-3 GW200 GW210E GW220W/320
SW200-3 SW210LC-5 SW220LC
W60-7 W139 W85 WD239-7
R914 R934 R924 R944
XZ60-8 XZ65-8 XZ90 WZ30- 25 WZ30-25C JGM906 JGM924 CY80 CY230-8
HL80/85 HL150 KY60-7 KY70 PZ60-7 ST138 MS240-8 YM55-5
HG220 TY220
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Company Profile
Yuhuan Huichuan Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is located in Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province, China's auto parts productionbase. Is a professional production of engine parts, chassis parts, construction machinery hydraulic parts and other products.

"Strength comes from specialty, and quality makes excellence." Huichuan company has passed ISO / TS16949 international quality management system certification to ensure the excellent quality of products.
Factory Show
Our Advantage


Our factory is in Zhejiang ,Welcome to send us drawings

High quantity

Strictly follow ISO / TS16949 international quality management system to ensure the excellent quality of products.

Competitive price

We are OEM factory and face to clients direct


Established in 1998.We have our team in exploitation ,design and manufacture
Production Process
Product & Payment
1. How to confirm whether the accessories are suitable for our crawler excavator bulldozer?
Please provide the model number, part number, pictures or technical drawings and dimensions of your excavators and bulldozers.

2. Why do you choose our products?
Yuhuan Huichuan Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional production of excavator and bulldozer chassis accessories export
enterprises.We have our own accessories processing plant, in order to meet the needs of self-production and self-sales, every
export products we will pass.Professional inspection and re-export, to the best quality products to customers.

4.What are the terms of payment?
Payment methods such as bank transfer, telegraphic transfer, letter of credit and D/P are also transferable.

5. When can you make delivery?
If the quantity of goods is less than 50, we can arrange shipment within 3 days after receiving the payment.If the quantity of
goods is more than 50, we need to negotiate.

6. What are the modes of transportation?
We respect the choice of customers, will also provide advice to customers, the specific mode of transportation can be negotiated.
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